2016 The Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado "Night Exhibition"

2014 Verboten, Solo Show. Brooklyn

2013 The Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado "People Exhibition" 

2011 Skotia Gallery, Los Angeles 

2011 Skotia Gallery, Photo LA 

2011 PhotoVoice, London 

2010 ART undressed Erotic Art Exhibition, Miami, Los Angeles 

2010 Photovoice, London 

2010 Photography Biennial Skotia Gallery, Santa Fe 

2009 Photovoice, London 

2009 The Dirty Show, Detroit & Los Angeles 

2009 ART undressed Erotic Art Exhibition, Miami, LA & SF 

2008 Beate Uhse Erotik museum, Berlin, Germany 

2008 Damien B. Contemporary Art Center, Miami, Florida 

2008 ART undressed Erotic Art Exhibition, Miami, Germany 

2008 Photovoice, London 

2007 Parsons School, Paris, France 

2007 Photovoice London 100 top photographers, London 

2003 The Roy Connell silent art Auction, New York 

1997 Editorial Photo, Photography Exhibition, New York 

1996 Word Ness Gallery, New York 

1994 Primus top NY photographers, New York City



2020 13th International Photography Color Awards 

 "Falling Down"-"2020 No Hope"

2019 12th International Photography Color Awards "Round Out"

2018 International Color Photography Awards "Portrait of a Porn Star"

2017 12th Annual Black & white The Spider Awards

2017 10th International Photography Color Awards "Woman and the Girl"

2016 9th International Photography Color Awards "The Bean"

 "Millennium Dangle","Pub Mum","Strength of Woman","The beginning"

2015 8th International Photography Color Awards "The Rock"

2014 7th International Photography Color Awards"Time", "The Studio"

2013 Masters Cup Color Awards 

2013 6th International Photography Color Awards "Snow Woman"

2012 5th International Photography Color Awards "9's"

2012 11th Annual Black & white The Spider Awards 

2011 B&W Mag. 2 Honorable Mention 

2011 International Photography Color Awards "Precarious"


2010 Photography Masters Cup (Nominee) 


2010 International Photography Awards (3Honorable Mention) 

2009 Erotic Signature Honorable Mention 

2009 B&W Mag. 1 Honorable Mention 

2009 International Photography Awards (4 Honorable Mention) 


2008 International Photography Awards (9 Honorable Mention) 


2007 International Photography Awards, 1st place Nude(7X Honorable Mention) 

2007 B&W Mag, Solo Image award (Silver) 

2007 Erotic Signature, Honorable Mention



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Black & White Magazine 

The Photo Paper Magazine 

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Univers d’ Artistes (interview with Gary Breckheimer)

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